Auto Refinish Prep Stations

Prep Stations and CTOF (Closed-Top Open-Front) paint booths are designed to provide a controlled environment to minimize contamination of the painting process and maximize the finish quality of the final paint job . They also protect workers from potential hazards in the form of dust and overspray and chemicals that are released or generated during the repair process. They provide an area to sand, mask, prime and paint small areas without moving the vehicle or allowing introduction of contaminants to the rest of the shop.

Prep Stations are available in single, double and triple bay configurations with either solid back or drive through access and downdraft or semi-downdraft airflows. They provide shadow free lighting to allow workers to produce the best finished product possible. Prep Stations can be equipped with heaters to speed up production by reducing drying time.

Prep stations are a crucial component of the refinishing  process and are essential to producing a top quality finished product. Prep stations are economical solutions for body shops in need of a quick and simple prep area.


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 Vertex CTOF - Single Skin  Excel Workstation
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