Auto Refinish Downdraft Paint Booths

Generally accepted as the best airflow style, downdraft spray booths do an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination. This style of booth is typically used in high production automotive refinishing where a high quality "Class A" finish is required.

high-performance01Typical Downdraft ConfigurationIn the downdraft booth, the air flow is from the overhead inlet plenum, which is fitted with high quality filters to remove any potential inbound dust or contamination, and moves down towards the building floor.

The building floor has a sunken pit to accept either dry filter or water wash exhaust. A bar-type grating is laid over the pit opening. The booth can also be placed on an elevated platform in order to avoid pit construction. The top of booth may be open or enclosed with a filter input plenum. Most downdraft booths have overhead, filtered input plenums. A booth with a filter plenum is normally used in conjunction with a heated air make-up unit. This is considered a must for a clean paint job.

The graphic above shows a re-circulating system. During the spray cycle, fresh air is pulled into the air system, heated to 70°F, then filtered and 100% exhausted.

During the bake cycle, once the air has passed through the working chamber, 90% of the air is pulled through filters and back to the air make up unit. There it is combined with 10% fresh new air, reheated and returned to the working chamber. The 10% air not returned to the air make up unit is filtered and exhausted directly into the atmosphere through ducting. The benefit of a re-circulating system lies in reduced energy costs due to the reuse of the majority of the heated air, and increased production by reducing set up and cure time of the coating.

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