Auto Refinish Semi-Downdraft Booths

semi-downdraft01Typical Semi-Downdraft ConfigurationThe semi-downdraft booth combines features of both cross flow and downdraft booths. This style booth is typically used in smaller auto body shops where installing a pit is not feasible and a higher quality finish is desired.

The method of inputting the air to the booth makes it a semi-downdraft. Air is introduced to the booth through ceiling filters in the first 25 to 30% of booth length. This input air may be introduced by relying on the suction of the exhaust fan or it can be pressurized. For the best results, air make-up should be used and booth positively pressurized. The exhaust fan pulls air through the working area, causing the air to change directions and become parallel with the floor as it is in a cross flow booth. The air transports overspray to the paint arrestor filters where it is captured and the cleaned air is exhausted through ducting directly into the atmosphere.


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