Auto Refinish Cross Flow Booths

ar-cross-flow1Typical Cross Flow ConfigurationCross Flow Booths are functional and have the lowest initial capital investment of available booth styles. They are typically used for protective coatings where a flawless "Class A" finish quality is not required. Cross Flow Booths are manufactured to allow Code Compliance with all applicable regulations currently being enforced.

The cross flow or horizontal flow spray booth uses an exhaust fan to pull in air at one end of the booth from the shop or plant area immediately surrounding the spray booth. The air may pass through a filtered door before entering the working area, enter the working chamber unfiltered through an open face, or be pushed in through a pressurized input plenum.

The air flows parallel to the floor, passes through the working area and transports overspray to the paint arrestor filters where it is captured. The cleaned air is then exhausted through ducting directly into the atmosphere. The majority of booths in operation in the auto refinish industry are not designed as cross flow style booths.


Product Details

Performer ES Crossdraft