Large Equipment Side Downdraft Booths

Side downdraft booths are an economical solution for shops that can't afford or aren't able to install a pit. This configuration is also useful for shops coating extremely large and heavy products such as large vehicles like buses and oilfield service equipment trucks. It eliminates the need to supply an in-floor pit exhaust system and related structural floor support to carry the load while providing a soft air flow for high quality finishes.

side-down-draft1Typical Side Downdraft Configuration

Air enters the side downdraft booth through a full-length ceiling plenum equipped with pre-filters, and flows downward over the product being coated. The air transports overspray to paint arrestor filters where it is captured. The paint arrestor filters are located in the exhaust plenums which are located on either side of the booth at floor level. The cleaned air is exhausted through ducting directly into the atmosphere.