Personnel Lift Systems


Preparing and finishing large equipment sometimes presents unique challenges and safety issues to access all areas of the product. Personnel lifts are the solution to many of these problems. Productivity in paint booths and blast rooms can be increased from 20 % to 40 % with the addition of a well designed personnel lift system when compared to using ladders, scaffolds, cat walks, or even portable man lifts to access the product. Most existing blast rooms and paint booths can be equipped with a pneumatic personnel lift system.

Booth Brothers distributes and installs LPI, Inc. lift systems designed for industrial applications. LPI, Inc. is the recognized leader in manufacturing ergonomic personnel lifts, elevated work platforms, and fall protection systems. 

Their personnel lift and work platform products range from single stage scissors work platforms to 3- and 4-axis lift systems; and from one person stationary scissor lifts to multiple axis gantry platforms. A short video detailing the features and operation of an LPI lift can be accessed here.


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