NitroHeat by Wedge Clamp is an add on system that filters your compressed air supply, removes oxygen, CO2 and other gases as well as moisture and contaminants, leaving 98 % pure nitrogen. The nitrogen is then heated and supplied through a heated hose to your spray gun to atomize your coating. The effect of spraying with pure heated nitrogen has a dramatic effect on most aspects of the application process. 

Spray pressures are reduced by 3-6 psi which increases transfer efficiency and results in less overspray, bounce back and waste which translates into:

Material savings of up to 35 %
Reduced VOC emissions
Reduced housekeeping and booth maintenance costs

First pass coating is uniform and more predictable which results in an improved finish quality.

Tack free and waiting time between coats is reduced by as much as 20 %, resulting in faster cycle times and increased production rates.


 For more details on how NitroHeat can benefit your finishing operation use the following link.


Effects of Spraying with NitroHeat

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 Components of a NitroHeat Spray System

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