ALUMINUM REPAIR - Dust and Fume Capture

Aluminum repairs are going to become increasingly more common in the Automotive Repair and Refinish Industry. An example of this is in Ford’s introduction of aluminum to fabricate body panels and cab walls in their popular F-150 line of trucks for 2015. Shops that don’t invest in the necessary tools and equipment to repair them properly will be caught at a serious disadvantage.

The need for an isolated work area for aluminum repair is a simple matter of science and safety. Aluminum and steel don’t mix, and if they do get together during the repair process the results can at best be a compromised repair and at worst catastrophic.

Repairing aluminum products requires Containment to prevent cross contamination and Capture of fumes and potentially explosive aluminum dust .

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Portable Vacuum System 


Central Vacuum System


Welding Fume Capture


Portable Wet-Mix Source Capture Central Wet Mix Source Capture Portable Fume Extraction