Welcome to Booth Brothers Inc.

Over the years, since our inception, Booth Brothers Inc. has gained a wealth of knowledge regarding spray booth sales, installation, and control, and uses this knowledge to the benefit of our customers.

We have aligned our sales efforts with major manufacturers of quality paint spray booths. We understand the intricacies of today's rules and regulations regarding spray booth installations and have mastered the installation of these booths to the point that installations are seamless and code compliant.

We maintain a staff of experienced and qualified, factory trained technicians to provide first class installation and unparalleled after sale service.

To ensure maximum productivity we have designed and developed the Intelli-Pro™ paint spray booth control system. This state of the art – PLC touch screen system allows finite control of the variables within the spray booth. In the event of a malfunction of a part of the system, the Intelli-Pro™ spray booth control system provides feedback, at the touch screen, to identify the problem and guide the operator to a quick fix, thereby minimizing potential downtime.

The customer's requirements and needs guide us to provide the right piece of quality equipment at a cost effective price.

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